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pay your rent at the valley center house your a month behind..you pay for all this other stuff but u cant pay your rent on time..i'm the one who got u in there nd unfortunately u decided to talk untrue shit about me only to prove u wernt my friend after all...bummer for you itz your loss not mine! i m such a dumb ass and im sorry it took me as long as it did to find out who you really were and are..its not rite to do gail the way your doing her shad u need to man up pay your rent on time and what ever you owe for the month behind or plain and simple get your trash out of there and move on..gail is sick and she isnt working anymore she can hardly walk...and if you dont want to have to deal with me than do whats rite or get out...i feel like its my problem cuz im the one who talked gail into u get n in over there and its is my problem now. she is a cool lady and im not gona sit bac and watch her get skrewed by you. i really respected you shad and liked you i would have done just about anything to help you as you saw by getn to move your stuff to vc..and now our relationship is going to be business only you have dissapointed me and let me down as far as.being a true friend . you are taking advantage of gail and her property and im not going to let it keep going on.pay on time every month and pay your bac rent you owe and youll never have to see me or deal with me again if this keeps going how its been going im going to have no other option but to serve you with eviction notice papers...so get it together and do what u need to get straight with the rent and gail please...im not tryn to harrass you im simply letn you know the facts...thank you and hopefully youll be wise with your desision making and make the rite desision to do gail rite because she does not deserve to be done wrong..thanks again....have a great day!